‘Personally Speaking’

Helen Ward - © Artist

Oil on Canvas 152 cm x 121 cm


‘Personally Speaking’ Oil on Canvas © Helen Ward

‘Personally Speaking’ is an allegory of the artist. The items in the painting represent various aspects of my life or people close to me.

The nude is the allegory of ‘painting’ with her attribute the painter’s palette.

The goat with the fish tail is the star sign Capricorn, and could be devilish.

The lion is Leo.

The monkey: represents the artist, as he imitates.

The figures at the rear: friendship and dance.

Cello: music. Book: Learning. CD: computing.

Scissors: craft. Ruler: architecture/graphics.

The cornucopia spilling fruit: the abundance of life.

The dragonfly: the artist’s inspiration.

The wall: the barrier beyond which we long to go.

The mask: just appeared!

‘Painting’: carries a joker to show that it is all just a bit of fun!!