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Helen Ward: © Artist

Manipulated Structures and Fungal Forms

Sound Structure 2

Fungus Releaf

Sound Structure 1

Bark Lace

Bark Symphony

Body Fungus

Video Still


Digital Photo Images

  1. Illustrate man’s manipulation of nature - is this one of the causes of Climate Change?

My intention is to shift the perception of the viewer, through the beauty of nature, to a greater understanding of the effect of modern technology on the natural world. The images, though sometimes beautiful, subtle, and not immediately disturbing, are a reminder that our technology is changing the natural world.

Fungus brings new life and fresh forms to decay resulting from the death of a tree. Past changes in climate have been discovered by the study of tree rings: how are these changing, how are we affecting these structures today? There is only the subtlest difference between harmony and disharmony.

The environment of natural rebirth and renewal is being altered and challenged by our technological advancement. The beauty and fragile balance of nature is often overlooked by city dominated countries striving to be bigger, better, richer and quicker.

Transforming natural forms into repetitive patterns, illustrates man’s manipulation of the natural world, and the effort to make nature conform. The change may only be slight and the effects beautiful in a new way, but a change has taken place.